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SAFE+ Algorithmics GmbH

We provide migration modelling in support of compliance assessment of materials and products.

Migration process means the transfer of chemicals of concern from materials (e.g. packaging, pipes, etc.) to consumer products (e.g. foods, cosmetics, pharmaceuticals, drinking water) or directly to the consumer (e.g. toys, textiles, construction products, etc.) resulting in a consumer exposure which requires risk assessment and safety evaluation. Typically migration process in organic materials (plastics, rubber, coatings, adhesives, inks, paper & board, etc.) follow the law of diffusion, combined sometimes with other mass transfer processes like evaporation, convection or chemical conversion.

Migration simulation realistically reproduces the migration process and can therefore replace experimental migration tests. For materials in contact with drinking water and food, corresponding guidelines have been developed within the framework of the legislation. The modeling concept has found its way into the legislation of these products and represents an equal alternative to legally required experimental tests.

We provide our modelling service impartially, non discriminating, and with no conflicts of interest.

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