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migraSIM is a webservice with an REST-API for migration modelling of food contact materials or materials in contact with drinking water. The service can be used to compute the migration mass or mass fraction of one or several migrants in a system consisting of several layers of polymers and food simulants or water.

Saved data and protection of data

See our data protection declaration.


The service is a REST-API over https. The modelling scenario is described by uploading a configuration file (see section configuration file) by the POST Method of the HTTP-protocol. The service is hosted on one or more servers on Port 8000 with the endpoint migrasim. To use the API the easiest simple way is a command line tool like curl or wget. If the configuration file is called migraSIM_Project.json the call is for example:

curl -u [username]:[password] -H "Content-type: application/json" -X POST https://[migrasim-server]:8000/migrasim --data-binary @migraSIM_Project.json

The authentification is done over HTTP Basic authentication. The connection is secured by TLS/SSL with a let’s encrypt certificate. The SAFE+ Algorithmics GmbH will tell the current server name with username, password and certificates for access.

Detailed API description